Only 3 Ingredients are needed to make these Halloween chocolate covered strawberries. They are the perfect easy to make Halloween treat!

Super easy to make with fresh strawberries, white chocolate and milk chocolate and you have a cute and spooky Halloween dessert the kids will love.

Ghost Strawberries

Time Needed



no bake

25 minutes

5 servings


Strawberries White chocolate Milk Chocolate

Thoroughly wash and dry your strawberries and place them on a plate and Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a double boiler melt the chocolate.

Once the white chocolate is melted line up your supplies in order of strawberries, bowl of melted chocolate and then baking sheet. Grab the strawberry by the green leaf dip and dip the strawberry into the melted white chocolate. Holding the top/ greens will keep your fingers out of the chocolate and give a clean finish

After dipping carefully place each strawberry on the tray with enough space that they will not touch. Melt milk chocolate chips and Using a paint brush  make ghost faces on the strawberries.


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